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A brief introduction

Hi all. A quick introduction is in order, I think. I'm Neil, a shy though loquacious, youthfully middle-aged, Scottish Varsovian street and live music photographer. I teach, and I write about photography for Shoot It With Film, and 35mmc. I'm formerly the owner of too many fireworks, a Glaswegian indie record label, and I've played in several bands in my time, so music seeps through a lot of what I do, too.

Another newsletter, really?

With Elon Musk's disastrous and depressing take over of what was my favourite place on the internet, and my previous retreat from Meta products, I'm quickly finding myself homeless on the social media landscape. As a remedy to that, I decided to split my writing, teaching, posting, and blethering across a newsletter, and my website,

So, what’s this all about?

In doing so, I hope to share some of my photographs, articles, thoughts and tips, and photography experiences I've had, while also recommending books, music, film, and photographers I love. In short, I hope to build a small community of folk half-way interested in what I might have to say.

As this develops, I guess it will evolve naturally based on what my subscribers want to read about, so please get in touch and let me know, as we go, what I should throw away, and what I should introduce.

Sounds interesting?

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Neil Milton
Neil is a shy though loquacious, youthfully middle-aged, Scottish street & live music photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. He is former owner of indie record label, too many fireworks.